Online lifestyle coaching to help you change your life for good.

Fitmo is a health coaching platform where you can find and connect with real human coaches highly motivated to help you live a happy and healthy life.

  • Pick a coach

    Download the Fitmo app, browse the available coaches on the Fitmo marketplace who match your specific goals and needs and invite them to a free intake call.

  • Get bespoke help

    Once you’ve found a coach you ‘click’ with you will receive 100% personalised support. Connect your sensors, get a 100% personalised program and off you go.

  • Guaranteed results

    It’s not easy to get or stay healthy. Much like any other skill, it takes blood, sweat and tears. With professional help you increase your chances of getting there sooner.



  • Need a bit of help?

    The human body is the most complex system known to man, and it comes without a manual. We could all use a bit of help to better understand it from time to time.

  • Users ❤️ Fitmo

    In contrast to other health and lifestyle apps, Fitmo shows three times higher engagement levels compared to market standards. Why? Real human coaches!

  • Take charge

    Whether you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, reduce stress or find balance in life, your Fitmo coach will help you reach your goal, once and for all.

  • I have been working with my coach for half a year now and can say that it is bearing fruit. My weight goes down and I feel a lot fitter. In short: for me, Fitmo is a must
    Harry S.
  • Your Fitmo coach will work with you to discuss which diet / exercise fits best in your life. Nothing is imposed. What I also liked: My coach showed me that not everything is ruined if you don't stick to the plan for a few days. Just continue where you left off until it becomes a habit.
    Manon B.

Backed by extensive research from leading universities and experts.

  • Mental health

    Online coaching is proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy.

  • Weight loss

    75% of participants successfully lost weight with app-based coaching intervention.

  • High blood pressure

    49% of participants improved by and entire hypertensive stage.