Improve the health and productivity of your workforce.

Proven programs for all your employees.

A tailored approach for every employee

No matter who your workforce is made up of, we offer a fully-rounded solution for every individual employee.

  • Health-based coaching

    Everyone deserves to be healthy, but some of us struggle. Supporting your employees with their health is the ideal way to improve morale and, in turn, productivity.

  • Sports-based training

    Have an office full of fitness fanatics? We’ve got you covered. Bespoke personal training to empower your employees, whether they want to run a marathon or improve their diet.

Backed by extensive research from leading universities and experts.

  • Mental health

    Online coaching is proven to be just as effective as in person therapy.

  • Weight loss

    75% of participants successfully lost weight with app based coaching intervention.

  • High blood pressure

    49% of participants improved by an entire hypertensive stage.

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