Hey coach, the world needs you!

Become a world-class coach with the help of Fitmo

Why use Fitmo?

Are you a personal trainer, lifestyle coach or therapist looking to expand your client base or wanting a unified solution for your current clients? We can help!

  • Drive more business

    For all Fitmo coaches approved on the marketplace, we help generate new customers via our channel partners and corporate clients. This will allow you to expand your service area without any geographic limitations. The world is you oyster.

  • A unified solution

    Everything in one place- simple. All client communication, health and sensor data, client feedback, and health programs all in one place. No more digging around for information on different platforms.

  • Time-saving features

    Fitmo can help you maximise your time. Time-saving algorithms are built in, informing coaches which customers need attention, who's doing great and who's likely to drop off.

  • Real-time intelligence

    Real-time client progress and feedback conveniently at your fingertips. Client needs some extra help? You can react within minutes, even if they're on the other side of the world.

Platform or Marketplace coach

If you are interested in joining Fitmo we offer two options.

  • Use Fitmo for your existing clients

    • Add online coaching to your services.
    • Your clients will not be charged by us, as you are bringing them to the platform.
    • You pay €10 per month or €100 per year + €2 per month per client.
    • You get a 1-month free trial to get to grips with Fitmo.
  • Get new clients by becoming a Fitmo certified coach

    • Only coaches who have been approved will be let on to the Fitmo marketplace.
    • You can apply once you have 3 engaged clients connected to your account.
    • Fitmo provides the business and takes care of payments.
    • You take home 80% of what you decide to charge per month.

How to apply

Want to join us? Exciting stuff! We’d love to hear from you. Fill our the form below and we’ll get back to you on how to get started!

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